(September 2020)

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It keeps the stranger muted. Sound gets on only when you chat with him/her.

OmegaSkipper on Omegle

OmegaSkipper Panel


Safe Tool

This tool works under Chrome Webstore, it follows the store rules and it has permission to work on the designed website ONLY. Its safe and 100% free of malware.

Mute Stranger

Some random strangers put annoying loud sounds on. You can now mute and unmute the stranger whenever you want.

Desktop and Sound Notifications

Notifications for when you have your tab out of focus.

Blacklist the stranger

This way you dont have to skip the same stranger again, again and again. Dont worry though, the list lasts a session only.

Stranger's Answer Red Phrase (SPAM filter)

Phrases that when said by the stranger skip him right away, unless you're already chatting with him.

Skip by timer

Stranger is skipped by timer set by you.

Keep stranger by interaction

Whenever stranger has typed something, you has typed something or even just put focus on the message box, the stranger wont be skipped. He/she can leave though.

Skip the [HitNo button] screen

Remember the annoying screen that asks you to hit a No button, thats right, you dont have to see nor click that button anymore.

SayHi Phrase

Set up your automatic HiPhrase that every stranger is going to get on each chat start.

Stranger's Answer Green Phrase

When not empty, strangers who havent said something that contains this short phrase will be skipped. Use this so you can skip people who say random things!

Stranger Geolocation

Show where in the world the stranger is typing from.

Chrome Webstore Tool

Google is in charge for delivering the tool. The label shown on your credit card will be

that stands for Chrome WebStore OmegaSkipper.

Chrome Incognito

You're an annonymous surffing lover, right? We know, we all are. Thats why OmegaSkipper works under Chrome Incognito as well. Just follow these steps:

1. Install OmegaSkipper

2. Put this address on Chrome Browser: chrome://extensions/

3. Find the beautiful blue omega icon and check the "Allow in incognito"

4. Congratulations! Even anonymously you can have the best there!

All you wanted in just one tool

Make yourself at home!

This tool was tailored to skip every undesirable stranger and keep only the best for you.

The more support we get, more goodies we can deliver.

And dont forget the most important thing here: ENJOY!

Our time there is about fun, not suffering! :)

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